We are

a young team of innovative engineers. With local firms as partners and clients, we are working on the development of new devices and technologies. For our customers, we offer a wide variety of products for rapid prototyping and development of custom devices, which are been developed and tested with a lot of know-how and experience.

Managing Director Wenger
Managing Director Wenger
Geschäftsführer Krautwasser
Geschäftsführer Krautwasser


Founded 2010

by Holger Krautwasser and Dominik Wenger, the company resided first in the Scheffelstraße in Constance. In 2013, the step into the offices in the Reisstrasse succeeded. In January 2014 Konrad Meyer joined as partner. 2PrintBeta has grown in recent years and gained in great knowledge for software development, electronics development and 3D printing. Also our company offers complete systems and customized solutions combined with extensive service.


Innovativ and Holistic

management of new projects. Our corporate culture lives the intensive exchange of information and promotes a creative and comfortable cooperation. With have extensive knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering and chemistry, we strive to make a positive contribution to our customers and the society.


Our Services

Since 2014 we develop Hard- and Software for customers in the automotive area - our customers developed to world leaders in their area of know-how, security and customer service.

In the area of medicinal research we work with a few leading research institutes on the area of 3d printed tissue, implants and prosthetics.

In the Constanze area we are one of the only ones to offer laser services for many different materials. Both individual pieces, as well as small and series productions are calculated by us without additional statring costs and offered at low prices.