Simple bending station for plastics


Hello everybody,

for our new product, the Printupy 3D printer, we needed some profiles in U shape to improve the housing. Browsing arround in the internet and searching the mayor suppliers for matching material didn't lead to the desired result, so we decided to figure out something on our own. As we are cutting our acrylic and POM plates with a laser cutter for a while, it was obvious, to bend the pre-cutted plates afterwards by using a bending station. But a professional bending station can be very expensive. So, said and done, domonoky decided to create it from wooden plates and some resistance wire. Although realizing, it would be a nonprofessional tool with a slightly chance of catching fire, we happily started the project and knew it would be easy and cheap to create. 

The first tests confirmed the ease of use and proper function, so we want to show this results to you so you can build it up on your own, by spending a minimum of euros.

Our station now looks like this:


First we fixed the two wood plates on the bottom plate, so that a 1cm wide channel resulted. Then we spooled the resistance wire on a 6mm threaded rod to recieve about 20 to 25 cm of spiral wire. Done this, we mounted it with two screws in the middle of the bottom plate, so that the tensioned wire avoides contact to the surrounding wood. Now we attached the luster terminals to the resistance wire and mounted them with the nails on the side of the plates. After contacting the copper wires we did the first tests, and it worked great! For steady standing we finally mounted some rubber bumpers on the bottom side.

We tested it with acrylic plates, which works best. POM, which has a slightly chance to melt away when not heated up slowly and polycarbonate, which needs a little longer heating time for simple machining.


For exact bending at the needed position, we additionally engraved a small slot, which has the depth of about half the thickness of the material itself. This greatly helps to get reproducable results.


In the little video we show the creation of this practicable card holder.



Materials needed:

  • One wood plate with about 30x30cm
  • Two wood plates with about 14.5x30cm
  • Resistance wire (1,5m) with 6.88 ohms/m
  • 6 spax screws
  • 4 nails (3x30mm)
  • 4 plastic bumpers
  • 2 luster terminals
  • Isolated copper wire (2m) with about 2mm²
  • 24V power supply with up to 3 amps

Please notice: The bending station should only be used in permanent supervision to avoid flames!