Glowing Sign


A good friend of us has a soundsystem with which he occasionally makes parties. For this soundsystem he wished to have a nice sign so people know who is making music. As we have a lasercutter it was pretty easy to fulfil this request.

All we needed for such a sign was:

  • A piece of transparent acrylic glass
  • Some leftover pieces of black acrylic glass for the stand
  • A LED strip
  • An old 12V power-supply
  • Glue
  • A logo in back and white

Then we let the laser engrave the picture onto the transparent acrylic glass piece and cut the black acrylic into pieces for a box with a slot for the engraved acrylic glass. After about half an hour of work we had the following sign:

schild ohne

In the black box at the bottom is the led strip and if you plug in the power supply you get the following:

schild mit tag schild mit nacht

At the next party we presented the sign and it was very well recieved.

schild party

If you now also are interested in a similar sign, just contact us at 2PrintBeta.