A good friend of us was planning his wedding and it was clear, that we need a really good present for them. After a bit of discussion we decided that the best for his marriage would be a selection of fine spirits. But they need to be presented accordingly.

So we started to design a box in OpenSCAD and after a short time, we had the following plan:


For the round parts we found a nice method on the internet to cut a pattern into wood with our lasercutter to make the wood bendable.

As we now had the plan ready, we bought some wood, a handle and some textiles to line the inside of the box.

We started the lasercutter and let it cut our wood and began glueing and sanding the parts.

For the lid, we instructed our laser cutter to engrave some nice text into it:

box top

After some time, we had a nice box ready:

box schräg box schräg2

A short look on some details:

 box detail2 box detail

The inside of the box, with and without alcohol:

box open empty box open

The newlyweds where very happy about this present and so it really was worth the effort.

It is really amazing what can be done with a lasercutter. If you have your own ideas, just contact us.


The 2PrintBeta Team