2PrintBeta feat. Echinus.org


2Printbeta feat. Echinus.org

This is the result of one fun project last weekend:


A friend of mine came spontaneously for a visit and incidentally found my toy helicopter in an assumed trash basket.
It was no trash basket at all, but the toy helicopter's hull was broken and also the rear rotor was missing.
But the rest seemed to work just fine. Even the batteries in the remote were charged.

Standing in front of me he asked, if I'd have some styrofoam, something to cut this and *some* tape.
5 minutes later we were busy exploiting the working inside of the helicopter.
The aim was building up a hovercraft frame using tape as lower border and even more tape to fix everything in place.

By cutting a huge hole in the middle and by placing the helicopter as low as possible on this frame we hoped to get enough air below the styrofoam plate.

The backside got a cardboard pane and ready to go.

All parts needed can be found on this picture:

The whole project needed one hour and the fun was lasting the whole weekend.

Some of you may ask themselves, what echinus.org might be: He's a one man army armed with a soldering gun and he designed maybe one of the best reprap electronics I've ever seen.

Greetings from the lake constance