3D printed Deep Space Nine


During our preparations for the EUROMOLD 2013 faire, we printed the Deep Space Nine from Startrek. Since the 3D model was modified almost two years ago, it was a pleasure to print and assemble it at last.

The original model was downloaded from the google sketchup galery and converted to STL format. The model consisted of more than 1400 single objects and took some damage during the conversion, so I had to repair each part manually using Netfabb. After about 50 hours I finally got a printable model consisting of 44 parts.

d9-parts web

It was printed on a BetaPrusaV2 with a 0.25mm nozzle in green PLA with a layer thickness of 0.1mm.

Some of the parts were designed with screw holes which allowed to screw them together with M3 grub screws, but most parts were successively glued together.

ds9-diagonal web

The result is a 330mm diameter object with high level of details of the Deep Space Nine and surely an eye-catcher for our booth at the EUROMOLD 2013. The STL files are available on thingiverse.

ds9-side web


Greetings from the lake constance