Glowing in the dark PLA


Last thursday a long desired delivery of PLA arrived. After counting and taking photos for the webshop I had some time to test the "glow in the dark" PLA. The first try was a set of stars downloaded here.
After this I wanted to tune the printer settings and printed some bushings.

Soon I found the right settings and wanted to print something which looks really nice when it's glowing.
I found some space shuttle on thingiverse, but it seemed to be too smooth.

A model from the google sketchup 3D galery was perfect. It was not too detailed and needed only a little repair in netfabb to be printable. A 70 mm version seemed to be to small for the upper wing, so I scaled it up by factor 1.5 in all three dimensions and printed it again.
Both prints look quite nice glowing in the dark but only the huge one is worth showing with lights on:

The printing temperature should be rised to 205 °C and you have to be very carefully with the dimension settings, but all in all it is printable very good as is known from PLA.

All prints together - without the bushings:

The model of the spaceshuttle can be downloaded here.

If anybody wants to buy some of this phosphorescent PLA:

Greetings from the lake of constance