printable touchpad pen



Again a little object which is useful and printable.
It's just for fun and for presenting, what you can make with a 3D printer.

The model was created with openSCAD.
On the one side I added the webadress of our shop and on the other side a clamp.

Both parts have little holes for a screw-bar which you can use to put them together.
In this case I used a 8mm M3-screwbar. But in the openSCAD model you can adjust to every size you need.

The object was printed on my mendel with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm in blue PLA.Looks quite ok - but the top looks a bit ugy and has to be sanded...

The webadress is a little to small, but with a little imagination one can still read it - next time I make it a bit larger.

Screwed together, it looks like a rollerpen :-)

Perhaps is there someone who wants to modify the openSCAD to a printable rollerpen case.

You can download the files from thingiverse: here.

Greetings from the lake of constance