printable yoda figure


Between the years I had some time to use my 3D printer for my private amusement.

It is a meshup of a thingiverse yoda and a yoda figure from the google sketchup galery.
I removed the head of the sketchup yoda and replaced it with the thingiverse yoda using netfabb. Then I made it smooth with blender sculpt tools.
The figure was repaired with netfabb, scaled to a height of about 75 mm and then printed on my mendel in orange PLA direcly on tape without raft with my new 0.35mm nozzle.
The layer thickness is 0.17 mm so the details came out pretty good.

To check if it is printable I took the original yoda from thingiverse, scaled it down to the same size and printed it.

The files can be found on thingiverse.

And this is the conspirative yoda gang:

Have fun printing your own yoda figures.

Greetings from the lake of constance