printed childhood home


This was one of the bigger projects: My childhood home in 3D!

Inspired by the house of domonoky the idea arose to make a cool christmas present for my parents.
So I took a few photos, because some details were not present any more, although I lived there 20 years.
After that, I made a sketch how to arrange the inner walls:

Then I took OpenSCAD and designed it wall by wall and floor by floor.
It looked quite nice, but the details were still missing. And as we all know, the devil is in the details.
After designing some standard windows and doors, which I can easily change with some variables I placed the different types at their positions.
But windows and doors were not the whole thing. The balcony, the chimney, the rain pipe, the window panes - all had to be designed and placed.

And to make it really nice, I designed the roof tiles.
Designing and rendering these roof tiles was the most time consuming part. About 2000 tiles with more than 50 vertices each - this was too much for openSCAD.
So I rendered them row by row and put them together by using blender boolean union.
The result after 80 h boolean union with about 10 parts was still not good, because blender didn't work correctly.

The last recource was editing the blender file with netfabb and repair the tiles from the inside to get a nice surface and not this shit blender computed.

But it was worth it all. The final result looks really nice. It is an almost perfect copy of my childhood home.

Printing was the easy part.
I just made 11 parts, added some connectors at each side and resized it to about 1/65 scale so the parts are not too big.
The complete printing time was about 65 h with a slice thickness of 0.2 mm on my reprap mendel. The object is made of white PLA.
To make sure the roof will not brake away from the printbed, I glued it with a hot-melt gun - easy to remove from PLA and from the printbed,
but sticky enough for that purpose.

One can look at each floor separately.





My parents were deeply impressed that I could make this within 2 weeks from sketch to printed model.
Perhaps I can print it in the designed size one time, because this model is factor 0.64 of it. But the time before christmas was too short, to make a bigger model.

The files can be downloaded here.

Greetings from the lake of constance.