Printed RC Hotrod car body


Here I proudly present the project of the last month(s): A printed hotrod car body.

The project was to build a fitting car body onto a chassis of a RC-racer:

This emerged during a visit of a RC-event last summer. Someone asked me if I could build something like that.
I said "I'll try" and accepted the challenge.

The choosen outfit was a hotrod model like this matchbox hotwheels hotrod from 1988:

Therefore I first had to scan the miniature hotrod with my laserscanner and remove the lights, because
this part is not printable, and resize it to fit on the RC-chassis.

After that, I had to make it hollow inside. This was the biggest challenge, because a car body
for a RC-racer should be thin and stable together:

The first solution just to size it down and subtract it from the original failed because of the
huge car wings. So I cut them off and subtracted them separately - marginally shrinked of course.
I tried this with different shrink rates to check out how thick the walls would be.

Later on I flattened the roof of the car for a better look and cut off a little in the middle to get
the right wheelbase for fitting on the RC-chassis. For getting a better symmetry, I mirrored the model in the middle - the result
of that was very impressive.

I also placed two cubes at specific positions inside. Into this cubes I cut holes which plug into the connectors on the RC-chassis.

A lot of work - especially if you're just learning how to manipulate 3D-models.

But this were only the basic changes of the car body. The most time consumable part was the fine tuning.
The first print didn't fit correctly as expected.
In the front the inside was not wide enough for the shock absorbers and in the middle there was not enough space for
the receiver of the RC-racer.

After removing the interfering parts the body was too thin to be printed (0.15 mm in the thinnest area)...

This meant: start again at the part where I made it hollow inside.
Also I had to cut off the car wings a little more, changing only the width of the object, to get more space
inside without changing the wheelbase and at last, tuning the wall thickness to a minimum which is still printable.

After all these changes, I put our logo on the doors and the logo of the owner of the RC-racer on the roof:

Now it looks pretty nice, fits almost perfect and the weight is ok, too: 32,8 g PLA.
The original weight is unreachable: 12,5 g.

Perhaps I should try to print it in ABS, which as a lower density to save more weight...

Overall it was a lot of work to make a perfect fitting RC car body, but I learned a lot about editing 3D-models and
the final result was worth it all.

Greetings from the lake of constance