Romulan warbird


Looking for another object, which is worth being printed in glowing-in-the-dark PLA I found the starship enterprise on thingiverse.
Inspired by this I looked into the google sketchup galery and found a romulan warbird.

After some boolean operations to merge the crude sketchup-stl-export, the object was cleaned up manually in a combination of meshlab and netfabb.

But this was not enough.
As the starship enterprise it is not printable in one print without lots of support.
So I cut it into half and removed the weapon panels to get something printable.

The result was worth it all. The model is very detailed and I could keep most of the details.
The size is about 100 mm x 70 mm x 2.5 mm. So most of the details are not printed, but I'm happy with this result.

As always you can download the files on thingiverse.
If your printer is capable, you can scale it up by factor 1.5 to get more of those details.

Live long and prosper!