starship enterprise



As another example from the StarTrek universe, I made a printable version of the Enterprise NCC1701-D.

The model is from the google sketchup galery and was converted using netfabb repair/hull-selection and blender boolean tools to merge them finally. This is always a little mess, but after some tries converting sktetchup models into watertight stl-files one creates some useful routines to get through quite quickly.

The result is a model divided into 3 parts to avoid support structures.

The middle part and the saucer section seemed to be hard to print with warping filament. So I switched to phosphorescent PLA, which gets printed almost warp free.

The final Enterprise was glued together with epoxy glue and looks good besides my romulan warbird.

As always - the models on: thingiverse

Feel free to cut it somewhere else to get it printable with a different filament.
...or try our shop to get some...

Greetings from the lake of constance