Warhammer 40k dreadnought


The next project was a Google Sketchup Gallery Model of a Warhammer figure: A dreadnought.

For printing it I had to cut it into several parts.
After that I designed fitting holes for screws and remeshed and resized the whole set.
Some parts were very detailed and there were a lot of overhangs. I removed two too detailed flags and corrected
the unprintable overhangs. This procedure took almost a whole day... but I didn't give up!

Then I shrinked the set to one third of the originally size to find out if it is printable at all.

The small version is a ~6 cm tall Warhammer dreadnought whoose parts were connected with needles.
Into some parts I had to burn bigger holes with a hot needle - a very easy way to connect them without glue, you only need a lighter or a candle.
The holes in the original size should be suitable for M3 screws.

This is the result of the miniature version:

One cannon is substituted by a nail. The connection of the left arm is substituted with 4 needles.
It looks pretty nice in the miniature version and it is (almost) full movable :-)

To print it in the original size I have to make further changes at some parts...

As usual, the parts can be downloaded at thingiverse: here