Warhammer 40k dreadnought

The next project was a Google Sketchup Gallery Model of a Warhammer figure: A dreadnought.

For printing it I had to cut it into several parts.
After that I designed fitting holes for screws and remeshed and resized the whole set.
Some parts were very detailed and there were a lot of overhangs. I removed two too detailed flags and corrected
the unprintable overhangs. This procedure took almost a whole day... but I didn't give up!

Then I shrinked the set to one third of the originally size to find out if it is printable at all.

The small version is a ~6 cm tall Warhammer dreadnought whoose parts were connected with needles.
Into some parts I had to burn bigger holes with a hot needle - a very easy way to connect them without glue, you only need a lighter or a candle.
The holes in the original size should be suitable for M3 screws.

This is the result of the miniature version:

One cannon is substituted by a nail. The connection of the left arm is substituted with 4 needles.
It looks pretty nice in the miniature version and it is (almost) full movable :-)

To print it in the original size I have to make further changes at some parts...

As usual, the parts can be downloaded at thingiverse: here


Beco man and Beco dog


The next project was based on the Beco Blocs system from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2015 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1983.

I printed many parts from this Beco system, and assembled it to some figures. Afterwards i added some nice displaystands for them and mounted them to the wall. The Beco man got a nice yellow bench to sit on, and the dog got a bit of green to play around.

They hang right next to the Android project as you can see here.

Another view on those two creatures.

The next step would be to print some Headlights, preferably in the form of Par64 Headlights, fitted with some bright LEDs. So i can also illuminate my printed parts with printed parts.


The Beco creatures greet you ! :-)