3D printer repair


With our know-how in developlemt, design and construction of 3D printers, we of course help you with the professional
repair of 3D printers of any kind.

Replacement parts

Be it help with setting up the device, a replacement part or upgrade or even a complete reconstruction - we have diverse items
such as ball bearings, gears but also complete electronics and diverse components for 12V and 24V operation in stock.
We do not hesitate to help with devices from other companies.


Your 3D Printer has a spontaneous defect, but you have to print a few parts as soon as possible?
It's just a little thing, which is why it is not worth to ship the device to the manufacturer?
You need the spare parts now and not tomorrow?

Contact us, please visit our office in the Reisstrasse 5 - we will help you local and quickly, easily, reliably and inexpensively!