Legoman 1:1


Hi Folx!

This is another demonstration what is possible with a DIY printer if you tweak your skeinforge properly. Just for fun we tried to print an original sized LEGO man. The model can be found here - we just scaled it down by factor 2 to obtain the original size.

This model was printed on our mendel with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm in red PLA. Here you can see the result on the printbed and a short assembly animation.

Someone omitted the hips and a connection for the arms, but nails worked fine, too.

Right after the assembly our freshly cloned LEGO man started to have fun...

The "2printbeta"-Logo in the cube has the size of a 2-EURO coin.

Greetings from the 2printbeta team - Domonoky and BonsaiBrain


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  • Dear Domonoky,<br /><br />May I ask, what is the yellow thingy on the bed?<br />And where can I buy those? I assume they are great for PLA printing.<br /><br />Nice prints by the way:)<br /><br />Best regards, <br /> Laszlo<br />

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  • The yellow thing is yellow painters tape from a company named "Nopi". <br />Its very good for printing PLA, the plastic sticks very good to it. And you can remove the object in the end without destroying the tape. <br /><br />It works both cold and heated to 50°. For ABS it isnt usable, ABS sticks too good.<br /><br />If you want some and cant find it locally, i could sell you some :-)

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