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Since a while, i though about what i could print to impress my coworkers at my dayjob. As i work at a industrial robot manufacturer, i thought i could print some industrial robots, and so i did.

I got the 3D models from the official webpage, converted them to stl, cut and modified them so they get printable.The model is about 5x5cm for the base and about 20cm high if the arm is full upright. All joints are moveable, with the exemption of axis 6 which i completly omitted in the model.

The actual model you can see below is a KR180 robot, a robot which is able to move 180kg with 2m/s in real live, so a pretty big thing.

And if you look at the bottom side of the models, it doesnt spell "made in china", no,  it boost the logo of our shop www.2printbeta.de.

You can find the full models on thinigverse as thing 4575.


In the past few weeks i have been busy with experiments to explore the use of my 3D Printers in architectural areas.

As i am not very expirienced with making architectural models, i got most models for this experiments from the sketchup gallery and from thingiverse. Most models also needed some smaller tweaks to make the printable. In the end, i think the results look pretty useable, take a look for yourself.

The first experiment, a building from MIT:

Next was a small pyramid:

Then i tried a model of a castle in my area, Burg Hohenzollern, which i found in sketchup (intended for Google Earth):

This model was not very detailed, so i searched for a more detailed model, and found the Acton Church:

The details on the tower of this model got really nice, so i looked for a model with more of such details and found this:

The results were really nice. Finally a friend asked if i also could print trees. I found one on thinigverse: :-)

now on to the next prints...

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