hotel keyring

My daughter has communion this sunday, so we hire a whole restaurant for launch.
As a little present, I designed a hotel keyring with their name on the one side and something in italian.

I hope I translated it correctly, otherwise the owner of the hotel won't be happy. It should mean something like "Key of the boss".

The design was quite simple, although it is nearly completely smooth. The black ring is a rubber isolation ring which was put over with force, until it clamped into the groove.

The parametric openscad file can be found on thingiverse - as usual.

Greetings from the lake of constance

Open Workbench Logic Sniffer Case

I bought a Open Workbench Logic Sniffer for a friend. This is a pretty cheap opensource logic analyzer which is very usefull for doing any electronics troubleshooting. As its very cheap, it only comes as a bare board without any case, but otherwise completly assembled. It looks like this:

As i wanted something nicer for my friend, i created a case for it. Thanks to Openscad and 3D printing technologies it was only some hours after i had this:

It was printed in colored PLA on my Rapman 3.1 in 0.25mm layer height. The multicolor feature was done with changeing the filament midprint, which works nicely if your are able to pause your printer and dont plan too many color changes.

As always you can find the model of this on thingiverse as thing 8235.