Mixed Filament Set

You want to print your objects in many different colors ? You want to experiment with different sorts of plastic on your 3D Printer ?  Now you can do that without buying big amounts of filament and filling up your storage.

We are proud to announce that 2PrintBeta is now able to ship a set with all our different filament types and colors. Every filament pice is around 10m long, which should be enough for a some smaller objects or a few medium sized objects.

The following items are included:

- PLA: light-green, green, sky-blue, blue, dark-blue, black, white, transparent, yellow, red, brown.
- Glow-in-the-dark PLA
- Soft PLA
- ABS: white

The whole set weights around 1.2kg and can be bought here.

mendel spring design for soft PLA springs

After improving my soft PLA profile in skeinforge, I printed a set of soft PLA mendel springs.
These springs are quite good, because they are springy themselves and don't break like the ABS ones.

But with this design the springiness is suboptimal.
So I designed a different type of spring, adopted to the properties of the soft PLA.

The first one was ok, but not springy enough. Expanding the walls a bit didn't improve the springiness:

The walls are printed with 6 threats - but this seemed to be not enough.
Then I mirrored it and printed it again. This was a very good idea:

It has an improved springiness in comparison to the standard mendel springs.

The design can be downloaded here.

Greetings from the lake of constance


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