New Electronics and improved BetaPrusa kits


We are proud to announce that we now have a new electronic board for 3D printers available and that we have improved our BetaPrusa 3d printer kits to version 1.2, now with metall pulleys and flexible aluminum couplers !

As a special holiday feature, all sets now contain metall pulleys in either T2.5 or T5 variants and also all kits now use flexible aluminum couplers to connect the motors to the z-axis.

The new electronic board is the now available Echinus Board !

The device is especially designed for multi axis actuating machines and can be used in a wide range of applications, where accurate positioning is required. Lathes, solarpanels, pick&place machines, telescopes, robotic equipment and other systems with bipolar steppermotors can be attached and controlled.
The pcb is mostly assembled in SMT technology in high industrial standard and combines functionality with safety.
Heart of the electronics builds an Atmega128A microcontroller with adequate speed and memory, so there is room for more.

The version 1.7 board has the following features:

  • Independent microcontroller based system with serial interface (USB)
  • Six bipolar 1.5 A stepper motor drivers
  • 3 high current switches with up to 10A per Switch
  • Two fan outputs with up to 2.6 A (total)
  • Overall continuous load current = 12 A¬† (20 A Peak)
  • SD card connector
  • FAT32 filesystem supported in firmware
  • USB bootloader for easy firmware updates
  • I2C interface and 8 pins for extensions
  • 5V (200 mA) and 3.3V (100 mA) for external logic devices
  • Galvanically isolated USB connection
  • Powered by ATX2.2 standard power supply with ATX24 connector
  • High side current measurement
  • Onboard temperaturesensor for microcontroller
  • Independent overtemperature shutdown
  • Undervoltage shutdown
  • Programmable shutdowns via microcontroller¬† (overcurrent, temperature, watchdog)
  • 6 analog inupts, 6 digital inputs, 7 user definable I/Os
  • Free available software development kit, drivers and sources.

The controllerboard comes with an adapted and preinstalled version of the Teacup Firmware which allows this board to control a 3D printer. The Teacup firmware was adapted to the specifics of this board and also extended to allow nearly all needed configuration changes without reflashing the firmware. The configuration of the steps per mm of the axis and much more can be changed by either just sending the specific commands over serial (USB) to the board, or using the comfortable window application to change all required settings.

A few detailed shots of the controller board:

You can find more information about this on or buy it here.

Wishing you all happy holidays !

Your 2PrintBeta Team