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2PrintBeta presents: The DualX version of the Printupy desktop 3D printer

3D printers are going to initiate the next industrial revolution. Started as prototyping machines, they now rise to be a universal desktop factory. One important requirement is the treatment of different colors or materials in one object. The Printupy 3D printer sets new standards in the separate 3D printing of two components using two completely independent printheads.

With this technology one can create much more complex 3D objects.

Since the introduction of the Printupy in December 2013 we printed some two-colored objects while we were calibrating the software profiles.

dualX-objects web

Traffic Cone by CocoNut, 2PrintBeta logo, two color cube, dual pillar

In the closeup you can see, how accurate the color separation works:

pillar-closeup web

dual pillar by Daid

A video, which shows the Printupy in action can be watched here:


Now we are ready to ship the first series models of the Printupy. Here you can see a picture of the proud manufacturers:

Erster Printupy wird versendet web

If you also want to printupy the world with our 3D printer, order now at 2printbeta.

Greetings from the lake constance

You 2PrintBeta - team