Hightemperature hotend


2Printbeta presents: The first prototype of our full-metal nozzle.

Image of the metal nozzle

Inspired by the Prusa Nozzle we also began development of a nozzle which does not contain any plastic parts. The principle is simple but effective:

The core of the nozzle is made out of stainless steel and the heating block and the cooling element out of aluminium. The nozzle can be screwed into the cooling block and the heating block, which contains the heater and the thermistor is clamped to the nozzle by a M3 screw. Due to this there is no gap in the nozzle, into which melted plastic could creep, and no plastic parts which could melt or get brittle. Especially the commonly used PTFE tube can only be used up to about 260°C and it might degrade over time. The heating element can easily reach 300°C which means your PTFE element will be broken.

Often it is recommended to use different nozzles for different materials as the materials can leave residues inside the nozzle which impede the filament changes. For this nozzle this is not needed. The nozzle is universally usable. We tested it with PLA and ABS and both can be printed with high speeds and interchangeable.

Here you can see a picture of a model of the Alexander-von-Humboldt school in Konstanz, Germany.

Image of the Alxeander von Humbolt school in Konstanz, Germany 

This detail view shows how perfectly you can print with this nozzle.

Detailview of the school

We will be continue testing of this prototype and hope we can start mass-production and introduction into our shop in about 2 months.


The 2printbeta Team