Last month, we made our first BetaPrusa V2 workshop in our business rooms.

We started with a pre-assembled BetaPrusa V2, as you can buy it at our webshop as "easy build" variation.

workshop-parts web

After a short introduction in the morning, we started to assemble the 3D printer, having an already assembled model in the background, to help with the assembly instructions.

Since most difficult parts, like the wades extruder or the x-ends were already assembled, it was a mere child's play to assemble the frame.

almost finished printer

5 hours later the 3D printer was ready to pass the first print test. The BetaPrusa V2 was equipped with our pre-configured marlin firmware and sliced a small test object with a suitable slic3r protocol.

printer printing total

One can see, it is a pleasure to watch it printing.

Our participants - and ourselves, too - were excited that it all was finished before afternoon.

The next workshops are planned this month - so if you also want to get professional instructions in assembling and using a BetaPrusa V2 3D printer, visit our webshop and book online.

workshop-en-okt-nov web

The 2PrintBeta team

BetaPrusa V2 Deluxe - EasyBuild - 3D printer

2PrintBeta proudly presents:

The BetaPrusa V2 Deluxe - Easy Build - 3D printer !

To make it even easier for our customers, we made a new version of our BetaPrusa 3D printer. It comes with many parts already preassembled, so that it gets much easier and faster to build it. Now it is possible to build this 3D printer in less then one day. Start in the morning, and be able to print you first objects in the afternoon !

Preassembled are parts of the frame:

triangles-pre-mounted bolts2

Both X-Ends:


The complete Y-carriage:

y-carriage-pre-mounted-bottom y-carriage-pre-mounted-top

The complete X-carriage:

 x-carriage-bottom x-carriage-top

The extruder:


The hotend with preassembled thermistor and a nice aluminum mounting plate:


The heated printbed is already soldered and prepared, too:


And after one day of fun assembling you can expect to print nice objects like this penguin:


Get it while it is still available from our shop.

Have fun !

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