Stamps, stamps, stamps!!!

This weekend we made something really useful out of soft-PLA.
After a short brainstorming, what to print, we decided to print a stamp:

stempel web

To check it's possibilities, we made a really small one with a size of only 12x30mm:

groessen-vergleich web

To be sure that the text comes out clearly, we printed it with a 0.25mm nozzle and a layer thickness of 0.2mm.
After sanding it a very little bit, the text looks amazing:

stempelgestempelt web

So we found a unique technology to produce individual stamps right on your own desk!
Simple, quick and easy as it can be.

If you want to produce your own stamp, you can find 3D printers and soft-PLA in our shop.

The 2PrintBeta team

CNC Lasercut RAMPS Box

CNC Lasercutter experiments

Yesterday we made some experiments with our lasercutting machine.
We designed a box for the RAMPS electronics including our breakout board for ATX power supplies.
The intention was to make it easy to assemble without needing too much screws or even glue.

The result was a push-together system with slide-in connectors:

Simply slide together all parts - almost like a 3D puzzle - and secure the last part with one single screw
to prevent it from falling off.

Apart from this single screw you don't need anything else to secure the complete box.

Of course the RAMPS, the breakout board as well as the fan have to be screwed on.

The box is designed to be mounted to the frame of the BetaPrusa 3D printer.
At the front only the USB connector of the RAMPS board is visible.
The holes at the side of the box are for the wiring of the 3D printer and the connection to the ATX power supply.

This way, the RAMPS board is boxed in save so no one can touch it when it is operating.
It's well ventilated with the fan and in addition it looks cool.

If you are interested in CNC lasercut parts from us, use our contact formular or download the dxf-files on thingiverse.

The 2PrintBeta team

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