Soft PLA contest

2PrintBeta soft-PLA facebook contest alert!

We will make a raffle, where you can win one roll of soft-PLA in 3mm or 1.75mm diameter.

Just like us on facebook and we will choose one of you at the 30th of september.
The winner will be choosen randomly and will recieve the roll of soft-PLA free of charge.

To get an idea of what can be made with soft-PLA, we made some objects for you to enjoy.
We focused on objects where the soft consistency of this material could be useful.

The first object is a tire of a RC car. We found one on thingiverse:

This tire is really cool, because its flexibility is like a real rubber tire filled with air.

Secondly, we tested some bracelets:

Printed with normal PLA or with ABS the bracelets are not strechable enough and are likely to break.
But using the soft-PLA it turns out perfect for jewelry:

It looks really nice when worn:

Another experiment was a sucker:

We printed it with support on the outside, which was removed before testing its properties:

There are much more possibilities of soft-PLA to explore!
If you want to try it, you can find it in our shop.

The 2PrintBeta team

BetaPrusaV2 Workshops

2PrintBeta proudly presents: BetaPrusaV2 3D printer workshops at the nice lake of constance.


You would like to have a 3D printer and you don't feel confident enough to build it on your own ? You want the help of real 3D printing experts ?

Come to our workshops at the lake of constance and build your own BetaPrusaV2 3D printer ! We offer one day workshops where we will complete the build up of partial preassembled BetaPrusaV2 3D printers. We guarantee that your 3D printer will print nicely at the end of the day.

To make it possible, that your BetaPrusaV2 3D Printer prints nicely at the end of the day, we will start with preassembled parts.

We will also provide a preconfigured Marlin firmware for the RAMPS elektronics and the Slic3r slicing software to you with nicely prepared profiles, so you can expect to print nice objects like the tux shown below at the end of the day:

Of course we will assist you with building and configuring your 3D printer and all needed tools are provided by us.

We plan our first workshop around 31.08 / 01.09 and the workshop will cost 899€ per Team (up to 2 persons per 3D printer) including your BetaPrusaDeluxe V2.

If you are interested please contact us by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !


the 2PrintBeta Team


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