BAM&DICE is now available

We made it: The first charge of our universal and modular controller is ready. BAM&DICE is now available in our webshop.



The main features we looked for in our development were: simplicity, high performance and superior flexibility. The BAM shield, together with the various DICE-Boards offers a highly flexible interface to implement many different applications. The design is fully Open Source, and our thanks go to the RepRap community, which laid the foundation for this development with the RAMPS board.

With our Indiegogo campaign (see blog entry and campaign) we found some financial support and we want to give our biggest thanks to all our supporters and interested parties which spread our ideas and made pre-orders.

Our hall of fame

Massimo Maimone, Leo Meyer, Alex Wenger, Axel Rössle, Noel Anthony, Valentin Uhrmeister, Hans-Joachim Fingerle, Sebastian Schindler, Leonardo Marques, Vanessa Blass, Marie-Louise Meyer, Peter Häfele, Helge Breitsprecher, Thomas Hartmann, Winold Doege, Annette Fuchs, Mark England, and more anonymous supporters.

Many thanks!

The BAM-Shield

The BAM shield is the interface between an Arduino Mega 1280 or Arduino Mega 2560 and the DICE boards. Five slots allow all combinations of the different available DICE boards. The four layer pcb offers up to about 800W outrageous power for nearly any tinker project. All features known from the RAMPS board, like interface to SD cards or displays, are also supported with the BAM shield.



The DICE-Boards

All DICE boards are compatible with the interface of the BAM shield. Various boards are available, from stepper motor drivers to IO expanders over temperature measurement boards to valve control modules. Please take a look at our webshop or click on the pictures below to get a detailed description.

Stepper motor drivers:

 DICE-STK-web DICE-L6470-web  DICE-TMC-web
Stepper motor driver
with STK682-010-E
SPI stepper motor driver
with L6470PD
SPI stepper motor driver
with TMC2660

Various modules:

DICE-9555-web DICE-TC-web


Digital IO expander
with PCA9555PW
Temperature measurement
with MAX318555
for Thermocouples (Type K)
Valve-/ Relays controller
with VN808CM-E

With the DICE adapter, every DICE board can be simply tested and used on a breadboard.




The BAM shield together with four DICE-STK modules and an Arduino Mega 1280 or Arduino Mega 2560 offers everything you need to control a 3d printer. Supply voltages of up to 32V and maximum phase currents of 2.85A for stepper drivers offers ample room for big NEMA23 stepper motors and big machines. The fifth DICE slot can be used by any of the other extension boards above.


The future of BAM&DICE

The base concept of the PCI-E slot with it's 36 pins allows many different development possibilities and we hope to explore many of them. We hope to spread this connector and think it would allow some standardization for many different use cases. For this, we offer all schematics, eagle files and BOM lists for all modules under the Open Hardware license CERN OHL V.1.2 free of charge to everyone. For our next development steps we plan to target the Rasberry Pi and the Beagle Board to be able to offer multi functional systems based on linux. Also we plan to extend our program of DICE boards to communication, high-power LEDs, DC motors and many more.

For any questions or ideas, please send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dualx 3D printer kits and more

2PrintBeta proudly presents our newest products.

  • BetaPrusa V2 DualX

As of now, we have our BetaPrusa 3D printer kits also available as DualX variation with two print nozzles !

betaprusa v2 dualX montagevorschlag web 

For this, the 3D printer was fitted with two extra small x-carriages, for a maximum overlapping print are, and two stainless steel hotends.

The printer is controlled by the comfortable Echinus electronics with our newest Marlin-based firmware, which allows super smooth and fast 3D prints.

The overlapping print are in the dual mode is 170 mm x 105 mm x 110 mm.

You can get this 3D printer kit for 899€ in our onlineshop.

  • BetaPrusa V2 DualX Upgrade kit

For all customers which already have a BetaPrusa V2 3D printer, we arranged an upgrade kit.

dualx-upgrade web

The kit will be delivered with all needed parts to bring your BetaPrusa V2 up-to-date. Among other things, this kit contains two motors, two extra stable stainless steel hotends, two extra small x-carriages and the comfortable Echinus electronics.

You can get this kit for 399€ in our onlineshop.

  • Print materials / filaments

We reduced the price for our PLA and ABS spools. You can now get PLA and ABS in many different colours for only 24.95€ per spool with 1kg filament. The plastic is delivered, as always, on our well received spools with extra big inner diameter of 150mm. To ensure all plastic can be feed into your machine without getting problems because of the curvature of the filament.

As of now, we also have LayBrick available as loose packs of 500g. With this material, you can print objects which look and feel like sandstone. Perfect for architectural models.

  • New electronic parts

We have many new electronic parts now available in our store. For example we now have encapsulated thermistors with attached cables, perfect to secure the NTC in a 3mm hole with a grub screw. With this there is no need to glue the thermistor in and the mess with kaptontape or heat resistant glue is not needed any more.

ntc gehaeuse

Furthermore, we have included mechanical end stops, small fans and much more into our program.

  • New mechanical parts

For all people who like to construct their own machines, we extended our mechanical collection. Among other things, we added 10mm variations of the popular SC8UU/ SC8VUU bearings. Additionally we added many small parts, plastic clamps, smooth V2A rods and threaded rods. Feel free to browse a bit in our mechanical parts.

If you have any questions or suggestions on what we also should offer, please message us.

The 2PrintBeta Team

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