Easter Special

Dear Reader,

The Easter Bunny was here and convinced us to make you a really special Easter offer.

During the Easter weekend all our premium 3D printer filament are 10% cheaper than normal. And if you can find the Easter egg in our online-shop, it will be even cheaper ! :-)


Wish you a nice Easter weekend and a nice egg hunt.

The 2PrintBeta Team


Stainless steel hotend now available

The 2PrintBeta team is proud to present you our new stainless steel hotend.

The previous design of the J-head was completely redesigned and our new hotend - the Beta-Head - completely removes the need for wearing parts like the PEEK holder and the PTFE tube. The assembly of this hotend is pretty simple, so we are able to deliver this hotend fully assembled with one meter cables.

One advantage of the new hotend is the continuous stainless steel tube for the filament, this prevents any chances that the filament can become stuck at possible seams and cause blockages. Due to this, the effort for maintenance is greatly reduced and changing to other materials or colours is pretty easy. The stainless steel nozzle is screwed into the heatsink to allow easy maintenance. Unique to this hotend is the sharp tip of the nozzle which allows very precise print results, a proven technique in our improved J-head hotends.

The components, heatsink, heater block and the mounting flange are made out of aluminium. This provides good thermal conductivity and mechanical resilience.


The new hotend not only looks nice, but also prints very good, as shown in our last posting about the prototype. The hotend will provide long-lasting printing success and we recommend it for demanding tasks. 

If you are interested buy one directly in our onlineshop.

kind regards,

the 2PrintBeta Team