New Products available

Good news for our Customers,

We got a new delivery of this nice flexible soft PLA. This time the PLA is black but still as flexible as the soft PLA grey we already have in our shop. It seems to be a little different mixture as the other soft PLA but the printing properties are the same.

For your convinience, the PLA is now available as eiter 2.3 kg rolls or as 100m loose rolls, so you can choose the amount you need. It is also cheaper so you can now safe up 35% on soft PLA.

Also new since a few weeks:

"Bearing Sets" for Mendel and Prusa:
This contains all bearings you need to build your 3D Printer with Wades Extruder.

"Nuts and Bolts Sets" for Mendel and Prusa:
This contains all nuts, bolts and washers you need to build your own 3D Printer without Wades Extruder.

"Bars and Studding Sets" for Mendel and Prusa:
This contain all smooth rods and all studdings you need for your 3D printer.

We hope our customers like this new additions to our stock.

You can find all this in our shop at


New PLA Supply

Good news for our customers !

We found a new PLA supplier, which can deliver PLA for a much cheaper price. The new PLA is a different type, its PLA 4043D instead of PLA 4042D, but its properties seem to be pretty similar. Its also very good to print, has very low shrinking rates, which allows to print big objects in high quality without wrapping. One thing which is different is the weight, 100m of this new PLA only weigth ~760g instead of ~0.9kg for the PLA 4042D, this isnt bad as it allows even lighter printed objects.

From this new PLA we now have red and yellow in stock in either 100 m loose rolls or as 300 m spool. 100m of this new PLA is now available for only 25.95€ which is a 40% price reduction ! We hope you like this new PLA and buy it, so we can stock even more colors of this new sort of PLA.

You can find this in our shop at